SMART Surgery

SMART Surgery Technique (Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique)

Dr. David Samadi used all his knowledge and experience from years of work and research to create the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique (SMART). The procedure is a minimally invasive robotic-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy (RALP), that aims at achieving the prostate cancer trifecta: complete removal of the cancerous prostate, full sexual potency and zero continence issues.

David Samadi M.D. - Urologist, Surgeon, Celebrity Doctor

SMART surgery measures of success

Prostate cancer patients that undergo the SMART surgery, under the care of Dr. Samadi, are surprised at how little effect it has on their lives, compared to other treatment methods. The intervention usually lasts under 90 minutes, with minimal blood loss, due to the small incisions and minimal risk. Most patients go back home the next day after surgery and recover their lives completely.

The success of the SMART technique is measured by:

Complete removal of the cancerous cells

Recovery of sexual potency

Control of the urinary function

Years and years of experience in perfecting the SMART surgery have led Dr. Samadi to perform thousands of interventions with successful results:

Patients are cancer-free, with the ability to accurately test and monitor their PSA level
Most men regain complete urinary continence within 12 months after surgery, especially those with normal function prior to the intervention
Men recover most of their sexual potency within 14-18 months after surgery, especially those of a younger age.

Why is dr. David Samadi’s approach to prostate surgery unique?

Going through a surgery is never an easy endeavor. The SMART technique of approaching prostate cancer, combined with the dedication that Dr. Samadi puts into treating his patients and the utmost care provided by his staff will, however, make the entire process easier.

The technique that dr. Samadi employs is a readaptation of the classic open anatomic radical prostatectomy, by making use of the technological enhancements provided by the Da Vinci robot. The increased efficiency of the SMART procedure is a direct benefit of using the robotic device: full visibility and the ability to tackle angles of dissection not possible with open or straight laparoscopic instruments.

Separated from his family since a young age and experiencing the fear of being alone and having to take care of his brother and himself, Dr. Samadi has become sensitive to people’s suffering and developed a sense of helping the ones in need. His generous character, combined with his medical knowledge and experience, are a perfect mix that render him to be one of the best urologists in the United States.

St. Francis Hospital department of Men’s Health in Roslyn, New York is a state-of-the-art facility that, under the direct supervision of Dr. Samadi, welcomes and treats thousands of patients each year. The care and dedication that you receive from the experienced surgeon and his staff will, however, make you feel as if at home

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David Samadi M.D. - Urologist, Surgeon, Celebrity Doctor
MDr. David Samadi - Smart Surgery for Urinary Continence and Sex after Prostate Cancer
Dr. David Samadi – Smart Surgery for Urinary Continence and Sex after Prostate Cancer

For more information regarding the SMART Surgery Technique and the proccess of performing the surgery itself, visit Dr. Samadi’s SMART Surgery dedicated website or Robotic Oncology website that contain more in depth details.